Rerunning Sweet Memories of Nusa Barong Island

JT 2NB 05

This is my second experience to Nusa Barong Island. This island is located on the southern part of Jember. This time, the starting point was different from the previous one. We left from the sailors’ village in Puger district. The distance to the island was shorter than the previous one. It just took about 45 minutes to step my feet on Nusa Barong.

We went with new friends to go to the island. We left the town to the sailors village by public transportation we chartered a day before, while some others rode motorbikes. Rina, a friend of mine from Nganjuk, spared her time and energy to join us. Her arrival was a bit late because the bus she took got some problem on the way. But I waited and picked her at Rambipuji Station.

The chartered car had already run, but our friend hadn’t come yet. 20 minutes later, he came. So we caught up the car. On our way, an unexpected thing happened. It suddenly rained hard. We stopped a while to put on our rain coats and continued the way to the sailors’ village.

Arriving in the village, the rain hadn’t stopped yet. We had some snacks and hot tea while waiting for sailor we know who hadn’t come yet. Finally he came and we were ready to leave. Some fishermen join us too. They were going to fish and stay in there. Some of us bought raincoats because the rain hadn’t stopped yet. We, who took friends with us too, were worried to sail in rain. But the sailor said that when raining, the wave would be low and calm. Those words mean a lot to us. By gathering and praying to God asking for shelter until we went home, we, finally, sailed to Nusa Barong Island, the man less island.

JT 2NB 01

As what our sailor said, the wave was low and calm, but the rain still went on. Then, we arrived at Jeruk Bay, and get off there. The sailor and the fishermen left to the north east part of the island to fish. At the bay, the weather was nice since the rain had stopped. We swam and grilled some fish; someone took DSLR camera along with him to capture the beautiful landscape. The sand on this beach was white but not too soft. A couple of seagulls flew over the sea accompanied us enjoying the beauty of Jeruk Bay. Then without we realized, the sun had already on top. We had lunch of grilled fish and chili sauce. It was delicious. The sailor who went with the fishermen hadn’t come yet. I got worried that we’d be late to go home. Thus, to kill time, we swam again and took some pictures.

JT 2NB 02

The sailor’s boat finally came. We got ready to go to Tanjung Kamal near Jeruk Bay. The beach at Tanjung Kamal was white too and the sand is soft like flour. At the end of this peninsula, there was a beautiful limestone cliff. And the greenish shells made it more beautiful. The water of the beach was fresh and the salt content was lower than the Jeruk Bay. Behind Tanjung Kamal, there is also a beach, but the sand was black. It was getting late, so we went back to the sailors’ village. In the middle of the sea, we were served by stunning scenery, the sunset, though clouds blocked the shine a little.

JT 2NB 04

JT 2NB 03

JT 2NB 06

JT 2NB 07

Finally, we arrived at the sailors’ village, and we continued our way back to town. Some friends from different towns, we sent them to bus as well as train stations. It was an unforgettable sweet memory. See you again on the next trip.


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