From Papuma Beach to Nusa Barong Island (Part Papuma)

JT NB 06

Getting home from Bandealit Beach – Meru Betiri National Park, a friend told me to get ready to go to Papuma Beach the next morning. I was puzzled by those words due to fatigue.

JT NB 01

JT NB 05

JT NB 07

Minutes later, he called me telling that we will go to Nusa Barong Island on the following day. That island really made me die of curious for quite a long time due to lack of information about the cost and the accommodation to go there. To join, I had to share budget with other group. Acknowledging that it didn’t cost much, I was in.

After doing some research, I found out that on the previous Saturday, my friend visited Papuma Beach for fun. He bumped into a sailor and charted the boat for the next morning. So then, he asked his friends from Surabaya, but due to insufficient people, he asked me to join.

On Sunday, the group had to arrive on Papuma Beach at 6 o’clock. And I woke up at 6:30. KYAAAA!!!!! Getting up, I got ready in hurry to the beach. It usually takes 45 minutes to reach the beach by motorbike, but I did it in 30 minutes due to the road was not crowded and I rode in speed.


JT NB 04

JT NB 03

At 7 sharp, I arrived at the beach, and the boat was about to leave. I parked my bike and ran into the quite big boat. So, the voyage to Nusa Barong had been started.

JT NB 02

Nusa Barong Island

Nusa Barong Island


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