Antrokan Slawu Waterfall

JT AA 01

One morning I, along with my travel-loving friends in Jember left to a house around the Antrokan Waterfall. The house belongs to my office mate. I arrived first. I got a cup of warm tea and some snacks prepared. My group finally arrived and got ready to leave. My officemate, as the local resident, led the group the waterfall situated in Slawu, Jember.

We walked from his house. We went through green fields. The air was fresh due to located in plateau and by a river. Then finally, we arrived at the edge of cliff flowing to the river, we had to walk one by one on the path to reach the river.


JT AA 02

Reaching Antrokan Waterfall must, indeed, go through the stony river. We passed them carefully due to the slippery surface which can make us slip and fall. This area is also dangerous and not suitable for kids; supervision is needed to reach the waterfall.

Shortly, we arrived there safely. The water was quite dirty because of the rain stroke a moment before. A unique thing about the waterfall is that it has a high cliff, besides the water is split into two because it’s blocked by stone. Next, we swam in the bottom of the fall. It was cool and fresh; good for us who hadn’t taken a morning shower.

Satisfied playing in the fall, we went home through the same path; crossing the rocky river. On our way home, we saw some local people fishing in the river. They like fishing to refresh their minds after 6 days work. We, then, climbed the steep path. And finally, we reached the relaxing fields. We ate and had a short break there. We did prepare some food to eat before heading to the fall. Close to us, there were some coconut trees. And some local people there were nice that they went up the trees and gave us the fruit. The refreshing coconut water completed our lunch. We thanked them who gave us the coconut. So finally, we went home. It was a challenging and exciting experience.


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