Sand Men Village in Madura

JT MP 08

“Sand men Village”’ is peculiar words every time I heard it. Whenever, there is news about it, I always late to see.

That is the reason behind my curiosity. So, I interested in leaving Jember to Sumenep Regency in Madura Island.

I browsed about the village. It was not easy to find information about it. But, finally, I found essential information about it. The village is Jabau Village in Sumenep Regency.

Luckily, an officemate was back to his hometown in Lenteng sub-district, Sumenep. I called him and caught him up.

Shortly, I left Lenteng to Batang-batang, the sub-district of Jabau Village by motorcycle. It was indeed quite far to enter the village.

At 3 p.m., we had a break at fishermen’s village. We enjoyed nice scenery there, and then continued our way.

Finally at 4 p.m. and got the wrong places, we arrived at the destination; Jabau Village, Batang-batang Sub-district. Looking for this village was not easy because there was no enough information on road which made us asking people around, even some of them gave wrong information.

We were lucky that there was someone from the village guiding us. It wasn’t easy to enter the sand village. We were interrogated by some people to know our purpose of visiting the village. We said we were students from Jember, and we wanted to learn about the culture of that place. We were quite relieved when we were allowed to enter the village.

JT MP 01

At the beginning, I was disappointed because the village was not like what I expected. The houses are already modern n the floor were tiled. My heart smiled because of their yard.

We were led to the headman’s house, Haji Ansari. He is a fisherman too. So the village is also a fishermen village.

JT MP 02

JT MP 03

JT MP 04

JT MP 05

After asking questions to him, we found out that the people sometimes sleep on their sand yard. I witnessed it some families were having fun on the yard.

It was unique and it was my first time knowing a culture like that. Finally, Haji Ansari showed us their bedroom which is a bed of sand.

Waahh!!! I was really happy seeing the sand bedroom. I jumped in and laid on it.

We took some sand in the house into a plastic bag as souvenir for officemates in Jember.

The custom of this village is they sleep on sand, and when the temperature in the house is high, they sleep on the sand yard. Wah.. It is really fun.

Haji Ansari took us to a beach around his house. There were many people sitting on the shore, kids playing soccer, paddling, and flying kites.

JT MP 11

I was also amazed by the scenery of the beach. Right when the sun set, and clear blue sky. My heart and mind were cooling down by looking at the exotic scenery.

JT MP 06

JT MP 07

JT MP 09

JT MP 10

When I was heading to the beach, it was the time for the fishermen left for the sea. We were asked to stay over there and wait the morning when the fishermen came back with their haul.

But we couldn’t because we didn’t have any preparation to stay over.

At 5:20 p.m., we said goodbye to Haji Ansari and his family. Maybe on the next chance, we will visit the village again.


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