Old Town of Semarang – Eternal Classic Stories

On free weekend, I decided to visit Semarang, the road turned into paved ones. I saw historical buildings with architecture style of the Netherland Colonial in 1700s. it turned out that I was in the old town area of Semarang, or which is popular as Outstadt or Little Netherland.


Gereja Blenduk (the Blenduk Church)

Gereja Blenduk is a Christian church which, according to history, was built in 1753 by architect Hpa De Wilde and W Westmas. It was called as Nederlandsche Indishe Kerk. The shape of the church is unique because of the dome. In Javanese, blenduk means a shape of halved ball. I came on Sunday, and fortunately, there was a church service. There were many vehicles parked around the church. Next to it, there is a cool Srigunting Park, where Sunday school for kids was held.

The Blenduk Church

The Blenduk Church

Gedung Marba (Marba Building)

Near The Blenduk Church, there is Gedung Marba. This building was built in the middle of 19th century by a rich trader from Yemen, Marta Badjunet. In order to commemorate his hard work, this building was named using the acronym of his name MARBA. This building was initially used as sailing office, but these days, there is no activity. It is used as storage, instead.

Marba Building

Marba Building

Pasar Ayam (Chicken Market)

I walked behind the Marba Building. On Sundays, that area is crowded because there are activities in the Chicken Market. This area is quite jammed because the sellers were by the street and bunch of people watching chicken fight and buying chickens. This Chicken Market area was chosen as a set of a movie, ‘Ayat-ayat Cinta’.

JT KT 03


Pabrik Rokok Tjap Praoe Lajar [cap prau layar, red] (Cigarette manufacturer ‘Tjap Praoe Lajar’)

Then I crossed the street and entered an alley. I found an old building used as cigarette manufacturer. When I took a look on the face of the building, I recognized it, cigarette manufacturer ‘Tjap Praoe Lajar’. I asked the people around about it. It has operated since early 1900s. The manufacturer is the oldest one in Semarang.

Cigarette manufacturer ‘Tjap Praoe Lajar’

Cigarette manufacturer ‘Tjap Praoe Lajar’

Polder Tawang

Polder Tawang is an irrigation system to prevent flood caused by sea water. On sunrises and sunsets, this area is very beautiful because the sunlight’s color blends well with lights around Polder Tawang. On Colonial period, people believe that this is the place where people hang out and worked out.

Polder Tawang

Stasiun Tawang (Tawang Railway Station)

Some steps from polder Tawang, we can find Tawang Station. It is also a heritage of Netherland period. Entering the station, there was something peculiar; it’s the air inside is cool though there is no any conditioner. It is caused by the countless ventilators in the building.

Tawang Railway Station

Tawang Railway Station

JT KT 06

JT KT 08


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