White Stone Hills – The Moment Nature Meets the Hand to Be an Amazing Masterpiece

JT BP 08

The first time I stepped my feet on the land of salt; Madura Island, there is a general mystery that made me curious. It is the house of the people of Madura. Maybe we would think for a while because houses in Java or other places usually are made of concrete or red bricks. But it’s not in Madura. Most of the houses are made of white bricks.

‘White brick’ is a part of the unique culture of Madura. I was curious about it. There are many questions popping in my head. What is it made of? Where do they make it? Who found it? How do they make it? On the road side, I often found a block of it.

I stayed in my office mate’s parent’s house. I just wanted to greet and meet them. It was in Lenteng; Sumenep Regency. Arriving at his home, I ask his father about the white bricks. He said it is made of white stone on the northern part of Madura. There is another thing I asked him. It was about the sand men village I saw on the internet. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any idea about this. But, it didn’t mean I gave up.

Finally, my first meeting was over. But there is one thing left; my curiosity of white bricks and the sand men village. I returned to Jember and found information about what I am curious about. The village is near Lombang Beach, Batang-batang, Sumpenep Regency.

A month later, I decided to revisit Madura with a friend to get the answer of my curiosity about the sand men village. Firstly, we visited Slopeng Beach in Dasuk, Sumenep Rengency. Right at 1:30 p.m. we left to Lombang Beach to look for the existence of the village. We went slowly by motor cycle, while enjoying the view of sea next to the road.

JT BP 01

JT BP 10

45 minutes had already passed when we arrived at Batuputih Sub-district. We saw cliffs with holes. They looked so beautiful. We decided to stop by. When I was closer enough, the only words I could say was, “GOSH, what a real beautiful view.” One of my curiosities had been answered. This is the place where the white bricks produced.

JT BP 03

JT BP 02

Those cliffs are limestone. Hence, people take it to make white bricks. I asked a miner there, why they use this kind of bricks. He said that their land doesn’t have much loam to be made into bricks. As an alternative, they use lime stone to build their houses.

I was happy when one of my curiosities answered. We went to the base of the limestone cliff, and it was really fresh to be there compared to the temperature outside the mine. There, I witnessed the process of making the white bricks. It’s started by sawing the limestone’s surface. Then, when it has been flat and even, it is sawed about 10cms depth. It forms a rectangular shape. The miners then cut the stone into smaller size. There are already trucks waiting for taking the white stone to the building area.

JT BP 06

The view was really nice because, lucky us, the sky was clear blue. We went into the mining area. It was cooler than outside.

JT BP 07

JT BP 09

JT BP 04

JT BP 05

I was amazed looking how the mining people have already done for years turn out. Beautiful sky-scraping cliffs were created by their hands, unexpectedly. We, then, moved on to Lombang Beach where the sand men village situated.


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