Fishermen Village on the North Shore of Madura

JT KN 01

This journey is still about the salt land, Madura Island. After visiting Slopeng Beach, I headed to Lombang Beach which is the location of the sandmen village. About 15 minutes from Slopeng Beach, in the middle of my way, I saw many boats on the shore. So, I decided to stop by that place.

JT KN 04

JT KN 03

The unnamed beach is a village for fishermen. I was there on the midday when they enjoyed their time from catching fish. The beach with white sand and the clear blue sky made it like it was mine because there was no other visitor. Besides, this one was cleaner than Slopeng Beach which I visited earlier.

JT KN 02

After I went around the beach, I saw some fishermen doing something. Some fixed their boats, and some other painted them. They worked in the shade of coconut trees. The cool air under the trees was nice. Remembering that my journey was still long, I left that beach to the sandmen village that made me curious.

JT KN 05

JT KN 06


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