Listening to the Nature’s Song at Plawangan Beach

PL 7

On Saturday morning, a senior of mine, Mr. Yitno, visited my house. He asked me to head to the southern part of Jember by motor cycle. Since I didn’t have any schedule, I took his chance.

We headed to Balung. Near a traditional market, we had breakfast with local food. After breakfast, we continued heading to the fishermen’s village near Puger Port. We went through lime stone road to reach the village. We finally arrived at a house of Mr. Yitno’s friend’s. Unexpectedly, I was invited to join him to visit Nusa Barong Island, but it was late because the fishermen were already left. We were offered to stay there for the night and sailing on the next dawn. I refused because of no preparation.

PL 1

PL 2

So, finally, Mr. Yitno and I visited the fish market there. The fish were fresh. There were also some medium sized octopuses caught by the fishermen. I asked them what they were for. They said they will consume those octopuses by grilling them, which is called Sate. The market is near the Plawangan Beach. And near those two places, there is the under-construction South Route of Java.

PL 3

PL 4

We also went to Plawangan Beach to fulfill our curiosity of it and refresh after working on the weekdays. Plawangan Beach is where the fishermen come from and go to the ocean by ships. They go through a river which divided the sea from the Hindi Ocean. People call the meeting point of the river and the ocean ‘Plawangan’ (it means door). This Plawangan often takes victims; the under experienced fishermen in handling the wild waves, or those who recklessly go sailing on bad weathers.

PL 10

PL 8

PL 6

PL 9

When I was there, the sea wind was very strong. It was also sunny. I saw an old fisherman taking a rest on the borderline of the river and the ocean. Most of his haul was shrimp. I tried to cross the river to the beach. The bed of it is mud which made it difficult for me to cross. The black sand and the sunny weather beautify the view. I rested on the shore under a shady tree. I sat down and listened to the wind and the wave; a moment which is relieving and refreshing my mind. Satisfied enjoying the breeze, we went home to Jember.

PL 12

PL 11


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