ART|JOG 2012 – “Looking East – A Gaze of Indonesian Contemporary Art”


Some time ago, I visited a friend of mine in Jogjakarta. My trip was started after my work ended in the afternoon. At 9 p.m., I headed to Jember bus station to Jogjakarta.

The next morning, I arrived at Giwangan Station in Jogjakarta at about 8 a.m., and my friend picked me up. I took some rest in his boarding house. It was a long and tiring trip. In a blink of an eye, the sun had already set.

I took a bath and got ready to buy some dinner and hung out. I was told about ART|JOG, but I didn’t really understand what it was about, or what I would found on this event.

The event was opened on Saturday, july 14th 2012, at 7:30 p.m. by Delvoye. A music group, Sinten Remen, also participated in that event. They performed some jokes in Javanese as well as sang some Indonesian songs and International songs which were rearranged in Jogjakarta touch. The instrument they used was varied from traditional ones to the modern ones.

About at 9 p.m., I arrived at Taman Budaya (the Culture Park) on Jalan Sriwedani no.1 Jogjakarta, right behind Vredeburg Citadel. By that time, at the parking lot area, Sinten Remen had already started their performance. I just watched the last performance. What a loss…I missed the unique moment. Also, at the parking lot, there was a big elephant statue made of coconuts and bags. The venue was already decorated with bamboo arrangement in the shape of elephant too.

I went to the ART|JOG venue. There were so many people, foreign tourists as much as domestic ones, who were queuing to enter and enjoy the artworks.

So we decided not to enter it. I was a little disappointed because I didn’t enter nor got more information about ART|JOG.

ART|JOG is an art exhibition of Asia, and Indonesia in specific. This exhibition was first held on 2008, then, it becomes annual event. The 2012 ART|JOG was the 5th year. This event is opened for only 3 days.

ART|JOG is supported by artists who present their qualified artworks in various shapes; paintings, graphics, photographs, videos, site specific installations, and multimedia.

This year’s ART|JOG theme is ‘Looking East – A Gaze of Indonesian Contemporary Art’. The purpose of this theme is, as the eastern people, we can see what is happening in the east world and Indonesia, specifically, in detail. Thus, we can bring ourselves onto the middle of the eastern world’s development, and in term of global situation too.

On the next morning, I visited Taman Budaya in the afternoon. It was quite empty, not many people visiting. The unique fine artworks refreshed my sight.





The visitors vary from children to adults, from domestic tourists to foreign tourists. They all enjoyed the artworks in this exhibition. It was about to twilight and I had to go back to bus station heading back to Jember due to start working on the next day.


ART|JOG is one of interesting and unique experiences I have ever had. Besides this event is held only once in a year. I wish next year I can go visiting ART|JOG once again.


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